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Welcome to the new Chedworth Drama Blog

This is the first blog, something of an experiment as we get used to the format, the editor and try to think of some content. Congratulations to cast and crew, Season's Greetings by Alan Ayckbourn was close to a sell out for 4 nights. Great performances, hard work behind the scenes and some inspired set design and direction.

The next project

Some of you will know that we have stored our props and flats at one of the Manor Farm barns for several years. Understandably, the Manor would like their barn back - so we are hoping to build a storage facility in the telephone mast field (or Diggers Field). We are in discussions with the Parish Council and are very grateful for their support of the project thus far. More on this in a later post.

Between productions

Hopefully the drama club can keep you posted on our projects and plans between productions, there is always work being done, bills (sadly) to be paid and behind the scenes organisation.

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Dave Whittles
Dave Whittles
Dec 01, 2018

Test of new blog

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