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28th June 2017

REVIEW: Chedworth Drama Productions deliver a flawless performance to a sold-out stand

By Elise Britten

LAST weekend Chedworth Drama Productions put on one of their most ambitious productions yet – an outdoor rendition of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Set in the scenic grounds of Chedworth Manor, I witnessed the cast deliver a flawless performance to a sold-out stand.

......The emotive performances of the cast drove home these themes.

A particular highlight was Katy Sirr as the main female lead Portia, who evidently drew on her extensive acting experience to develop a particularly witty and believable heroine.

Lights twinkled as darkness fell and the Shakespeare play without magic, became particularly enchanting. The brilliantly-acted final scenes had us laughing out loud.

Anyone interested in joining Chedworth Drama Productions in any capacity should contact the committee here 

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