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Drama Students
So you want to direct?
How to apply

A quick summary

If you have an idea for a production contact the committee in the first instance. Include your name, contact details, the play, an outline of your ideas, thoughts on timing.

The committee will then contact you to arrange a preliminary discussion.


Indoors, or outdoors, what else is on locally? Who else might be putting on a similar production? Preparation time and rehearsal timing are all points to consider at this stage.

Choosing a play

Your thoughts should turn to the audience that we get in Chedworth (a loyal local following) and the immediate area. Their expectations, usually a classic by a well-known playwright. And consider the size of cast and gender balance.


The club has limited resources but we can offer financial support to 'pump prime' a production with items such as licences to perform, scripts and marketing. Information of the costs is always helpful at the outset.

Your vision

Style, set, costumes. We have a well equipped theatre (the village hall), with good sound and lighting options. A good store of scenery flats, set décor and props and some talented set dressers. We tend towards as simple approach for the set, not least to limit the work involved in setting up.

Who to contact

Don't hesitate to talk to or email committee members direct if you already know them with initial ideas. Our mail contact email address is:


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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